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Future trends in new media

Οι τάσεις στα New Media (blogs, podcasts, internet video / TV, mobile media, online news outlets etc):

1. The biggest trend for 2008 is online tv and IPTV – Brands will finally embrace the power of the medium, creating fully interactive programming to deeply engage with consumers. Sites like Bebo, Current TV, Hulu, iPlayer (Kangaroo) and the iPhone are to be watched closely. They will determine the future of online television and their user data will be valuable for all who consider entering the crowded market.
Bebo TV will ultimately reign supreme as the continue launching groundbreaking made-for-online programming and capture young audiences

2. Aggregation sites such as Joost will loose steam (perhaps we’ll be seeing some M&A activity here), and independent broadcasters will harness the power of the web by creating destination sites full of ‘sticky’ campaigns that bring added value to the user.

3. Online TV will arrive into the living room by the end of the year. Is it Apple TV? Xbox? Tivo? I believe Apple TV will rule, thanks to its content variety (music, movies, photos, etc) and exceptional userability

4. Semantic Web will be a topic of discussion but nothing tangible will be observed this year.

5. Social Networks go Niche: Facebook wont die this year but it will loose dominance thanks to niche networking sites catering to long-tail consumer interests

6. 2008 is certainly the ‘year of mobile’ and its not just about mobile phones. Content is on the move thanks to widgets, high tech players and looser geo-blocking restrictions. The iPhone has created a consumer NEED for a ‘smartphone’…. watch out for the Gphone (google) and Nokia’s ‘Tube’. Real threats or just false waves to unbalance Apple?

7. Advertisers will stop spamming the web (oh, i wish) and will learn to ENGAGE the consumer rather than SELL TO the consumer

8. The music industry will react aggressively (and hopefully creatively) in response to illegal downloading. Advertising funded music download sites will proliferate, and music companies will find new ways of maintaing strong consumer purchase intentions

9. The Beijing Olympics will uncover China’s enormous digital media success to the West. Singapore will grow stronger as a hub for Digital Media (MDA) and the Indian market will continue to lead with innovation and growth

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