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Newspapers vs The Internet

[από το Monkie Magazine] «Τα έντυπα MME έχουν πέσει σε μια τρελή ενδοσκόπηση τελευταία, σχετική με τον ανταγωνισμό τους με το ίντερνετ, το αν και πώς μπορούν ν’ ανταπεξέλθουν σ’ αυτόν. Ο Philip Meyer κάνει μερικές απλές σκέψεις γύρω απ’ αυτό:

By news, I don’t mean stenographic coverage of public meetings, channeling press releases or listing unanalyzed collections of facts. The old hunter-gatherer model of journalism is no longer sufficient. Now that information is so plentiful, we don’t need new information so much as help in processing what’s already available. Just as the development of modern agriculture led to a demand for varieties of processed food, the information age has created a demand for processed information. We need someone to put it into context, give it theoretical framing and suggest ways to act on it.

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