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mobile buyers guide 2009

mobile buyers guide 2009Advertising on Mobile Devices
While mobile appears to be a complex ecosystem with its own vernacular, the buying process itself is very similar to other familiar platforms including the Internet. This booklet will guide you through the process in plain English, and get you started as a first time mobile advertiser. The key to tackling your first mobile assignment is to remember that mobile advertising is much like advertising on any other medium. It is about finding the right places to connect your client with the right audience to deliver the right message.

In fact, mobile is an execution point on your current advertising strategy. Simply put, mobile is another medium to add to your arsenal to target the right consumer.

Before you begin reaching for solutions, answer a few questions to understand the marketer’s advertising goals to determine what role mobile will play in their media mix. The most important of these questions being, is the objective to increase brand favorability, launch a new product, direct response or a customer retention initiative? Once your core media objectives have been answered, the route to take with mobile becomes much clearer.

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