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Journalism Online: Πλατφόρμα χρέωσης για το internet

Μια νέα ιδέα για τη δημοσιογραφία στην επόμενη δεκαετία δοκιμάζει μια ομάδα έμπειρων ερευνητών στην Αμερική, παρέχοντας μια έτοιμη πλατφόρμα υποδοχής άρθρων και μικρο-χρέωσης, για κάθε αναγνώστη που τα διαβάζει στο διαδίκτυο (μέσω της Journalism Online). Η υποδομή αυτή είναι διαθέσιμη για κάθε εκδότη που θα συμμετάσχει στο εγχείρημα:

What’s in it for publishers and readers?

1. Each publisher’s website is powered with the Journalism Online e-commerce engine, which allows customers to have one easy-to-use account common to all the publishers’ websites. This allows consumers to sign up just once to purchase annual or monthly subscriptions, day passes, and single articles from multiple publishers. The password-enabled payment system is integrated into all of the member-publishers’ websites, and the publishers have sole discretion over which content to charge for, how much to charge, and the manner of charge.

2. The option to sell an all-inclusive annual or monthly subscriptions for those consumers who want to pay one fee to access all of the Journalism Online-member publishers’ content.

3. Negotiations of wholesale licensing and royalty fees with intermediaries such as Kindle or Apple or search engines and other websites that currently base much of their business models on referrals of readers to the original content on newspaper, magazine and online news websites.

4. Reports to member publishers on which strategies and tactics are achieving the best results in building circulation revenue while maintaining the traffic necessary to support advertising revenue.

Our Mission

Until recently, consumers of journalism always paid a reasonable price to access the news and information they valued. The Internet changed this bargain. Even as the Web inspired dramatic improvements in the depth and breadth of journalism, most news publishers choose to provide journalism online for free. Many readers who were happy to pay a reasonable amount for news in print and other media came to expect content for free online as publishers came to rely almost entirely on advertising to cover their news and other expenses.

Serious journalism has always required payments by consumers, a lesson now being remembered as it becomes clear that online advertising revenue alone will not sustain robust, independent news departments, whether for newspapers or online-only publishers. Everyone, from readers to reporters, is facing the consequences as news organizations of all kinds are forced to cut back.

That’s why experienced media executives Steven Brill, Gordon Crovitz, and Leo Hindery, Jr. came together to form Journalism Online—to address the urgent need for a comprehensive, immediate plan to address this downward spiral in the business of publishing original, quality journalism.

Grounded by the common-sense principle that those who invest in and create content should not be bystanders while others make a profit from it, they seek to enable news publishers to generate new revenues from readers and distributors for their digital content and—because it does not have to be a choice between one revenue source or the another—to restore the optimal mix of circulation and advertising revenue necessary to finance original reporting and editing. For print publishers, this move toward paid access online will also restore the value proposition of the print medium by eliminating the fully free online alternative.

 Click here to learn more about the services Journalism Online will offer, from the easy-to-use accounts for readers to the regular reports for news publishers on best practices for circulation-revenue strategies online.

Already, dozens of major newspaper, magazine and online-only publishers—from global brands to local media—are planning to use the services that Journalism Online will offer beginning this fall, including an innovative online payment system that will be flexible for publishers and easy for readers, making it simple for publishers to begin charging readers for access. The Journalism Online platform will help publishers and readers by offering common customer accounts across all its publishing affiliates and by enabling readers to select «all you can read» packages across different news publishers based on their areas of interest.

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