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Τεκμηρίωση για τα Μέσα Ενημέρωσης με ψηφιακή διανομή (και όχι μόνο…)

A week in the life of a ‘new media’ Teacher

A week in the life of a ‘new media’ Teacher The digital ground rules have shifted. In fact, 21st century classrooms can be recognized by their «pedagogy of participation». In these classrooms, learning comes before the software tools and the learning environment is more influential than the hardware used. Students are actively engaged in using technology as a tool rather than passively receiving information from technology – collaborating with others rather than working individually at all times in this way building understanding rather than simply receiving information.

Students use technology tools to solve problems meaningful to them rather than working on artificial assignments. Students use technology tools to set goals, monitor progress and evaluate their learning reflectively.

In 21st century classrooms, students and teachers can harness the capabilities of Web 2.0 to access the power of worldwide communities at any time, in any place, for inspiration, ideas, mentoring – drawing on the knowledge of peers, friends, professional colleagues and external experts as needed. Our ability to not only read information, but to create, discuss, share and collaborate using simple online tools has transformed the way people connect, organize and share information at almost no cost.


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13 Οκτωβρίου 2009 στις 10:36 μμ

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