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Photojournalists: An Endangered species in Europe?

Photojournalists: An Endangered species in Europe? The «Photojournalists: An Endangered species in Europe?» project, supported by the European Union, was established to examine current best practice and to raise awareness among EFJ affiliates and stakeholders about the critical state of the profession and the challenges ahead.

The attached survey, which was conducted among the EFJ member unions, assessed current working conditions as well as training, unfair contracts, authors’ rights and orphan works, problems of multi-tasking and collective agreements.

Information about the project, such as the Final report and the conclusions of the seminar, which was organised in Paris in December 2008, is also enclosed. General information and links, such as press releases or campaigns by the EFJ and its member unions on issues related to photojournalism in Europe will be put on this site as well.

The EFJ affiliate, the DJV, wrote about the project and the survey on its own website: An analysis from a German perspective in German.


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21 Νοεμβρίου 2009 στις 9:01 μμ

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