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Mapping Education and Training of Journalists in Greece

MH mapping survey report

MH Online Survey ResultsJust as the news is changing constantly, so are the tools that journalists use to convey the news. The digital era has indeed given journalists and media workers a remarkable array of innovative technological tools that are rendering journalism more immediate, more accessible, more effective and less expensive, but it is also forcing journalists to adopt a sink or swim approach in order to survive the avalanche of specialized tools. Within the framework of the Media Hackers program entitled Making digital competences an advantage for journalists, the purpose of Work Package 3 is to explore the available vocational education and training schemes available to journalists in the five European countries participating in the MH program, namely Greece, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany and Romania, with particular focus on digital technology and new media training.

The report will identify and provide an overview of the situation of VET training in the project countries, in accordance with the data provided by the Media Hackers project’s partners, namely 1) ESIEMTH Greece, 2) STEJAR Romania, 3) MTC Belgium, 4) CCMC Cyprus and 5) Y4M Germany. Furthermore, it aims to capture the diverse perspectives of working journalists in order to identify barriers and skill needs, as well as to determine the exact gaps in skills, knowledge and abilities.

The main objective is to prepare the ground for the transfer and further development of the training modules of the “EU-Trainer for ICT- and Media competencies” project by:
a) Mapping and identifying of VET schemes, methodologies and practices in the technical education of journalists within the participating countries
b) Specifying the current skill and training needs of the journalists to better design the transfer and enhancement of the existing training module
c) Analysing and examining the transferable content, methodology and deliverables from the “EU-Trainer for ICT- and Media competencies” project based on the findings of the needs analysis

The purpose of the mapping project is:
a) To identify the academic options available to journalism students at all levels of education and training
b) To assess the performance of the education and training programs in providing the necessary skills
c) To assess the impact of these skills and the satisfaction of business needs and
d) to propose policies and establish procedures for the provision of the lifelong learning and training of journalists


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